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Тест на знание грамматики

Этот тест проверяет знание основных правил английской грамматики на уровне от начального до выше среднего.

В каждом вопросе этого теста необходимо вставить в предложение пропущенные слова или словосочетания, указанные в вариантах ответа. Баллы начисляются только за вопросы, на которые вы ответили правильно. За вопросы, на которые вы
ответили неправильно, баллы не снимаются.

В конце теста вы сможете посмотреть, на какие вопросы вы ответили правильно, а в каких — допустили ошибку.

Количество вопросов в тесте: 50


  • Новичок: 0—10 верных ответов
  • Базовый: 11—16 верных ответов
  • Ниже среднего: 17—25 верных ответов
  • Средний: 26—34 верных ответов
  • Выше среднего: 35—43 верных ответов
  • Высокий: 44—50 верных ответов

Choose the best answer

How many people _____ in your family?

What time is it?

I get up at 8 o’clock _____ morning.

How much _____ where you live?

Where are you going _____ Friday?

_____ come to my party next Saturday?

What _____ in London last weekend?

Is your English improving?

I’m going to Sainsbury’s _____ some food.

Bournemouth is the most attractive city _____.

Brighton isn’t _____ Bournemouth.

He was mowing the lawn when I _____ him yesterday.

Last Tuesday I _____ to the Passport Office.

What were you doing at 7:30 on Wednesday evening? I was _____ TV.

What time _____ to bed during the week?

Do you like Bournemouth? Yes, _____.

I’m afraid I haven’t got _____.

This book is mine and that book is _____.

Would you mind _____ me that pencil?

I live in Oxford now. I _____ to France for a long time.

I don’t understand. What language _____.

She came to Britain _____.

My mother never _____ out in the evenings.

_____ Bournemouth?

_____ car is the red Ford?

I’m sorry. I haven’t done my report _____.

My friend doesn’t speak Chinese. I don’t _____.

That’s the house _____.

If _____.

She asked me how big _____.

My friend let _____ his bike yesterday.

_____, what would you spend it on?

I _____ smoking last year, but I didn’t.

I’m _____ the film on Wednesday.

I’m not _____ grammar.

The film was very good. It’s _____.

I have difficulty _____ English.

When I lived in France, I _____ a lot of wine.

I wish _____ Russian.

What will you do when _____ studying?

The Chancellor _____ the new wing yesterday, but it still isn’t finished.

I’d rather _____ English than Swedish.

No sooner _____ in through the door than the phone rang.

We’re having the party at _____.

If he hadn’t known the boss, he _____ the job.

I’d sooner _____ a car than a motorbike.

I need to go to _____ toilet.

It’s time _____ some work.

It’s now 9 o’clock and the train _____ arrive at 8:15.

We regret _____ that the course has been cancelled.

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